Vinzons: Gone, But Not Forgotten

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Quezon City, Philippines In celebration of the 100th birthday anniversary of World War II martyr Wenceslao Bintao” Q. Vinzons, the Upsilon Sigma Phi (Upsilon) has launched an information campaign that will illustrate Vinzonss heroic achievements and legacy to the general public.

As an Upsilonian and as a responsible young Filipino, Brod Vinzonss long list of noble accomplishments and his unimpeachable integrity are truly inspiring,” said Gregorio Angelo Villar, the Illustrious Fellow (Fraternity President) of the Upsilon Sigma Phi.

Upsilon is working to revive the legacy of Vinzons the Father of Student Activism in the Philippines; the youngest delegate to the 1934 Constitutional Convention; a statesman that served Camarines Norte as its governor and congressman; a leader of the armed rebellion against Japanese occupation and to make the legacy relevant to todays generation.

Few people today even remember who Vinzons was or what he stood for. Its time to show that his name stands for more than just the name of a building at UP,” said Villar.

One of the biggest supporters of this project is former senator and current Philippine National Red Cross Chairman Richard Dick” Gordon, who donated the Vinzons bust found at the entrance of Vinzons Hall, the building at the University of the Philippines Diliman that is the home of the University Student Council and Philippine Collegian.

Gordon joined Upsilon in 1968 (while studying Law at the University of the Philippines) after learning that Vinzons had also joined the same fraternity 38 years before.

Others were only too willing to make friends with the enemy if only to secure their wealth or to gain wealth. Vinzons gave up his life, the only thing he truly owned, in the fight to keep his mother Philippines free,” said Gordon. (In 1942, Vinzons was captured and executed by the Japanese after refusing to cooperate with their regime.)

The Upsilon is planning to hold a forum on Vinzons as a part of their campaign, with Gordon as the main speaker of the event.

Also, Upsilon will join the municipality of Vinzons, Camarines Norte for its annual celebration of Vinzons birthday. The culminating event that will define the towns month-long festivities will be a solemn ceremony commemorating of the life and achievements of Vinzons on September 28, Vinzons birthday. The newly-elected Congressman of the district, Atty. Elmer Panotes, will be the keynote speaker. Members of the Upsilon will attend the ceremony as the municipalitys guests of honor.

This years festivities, which are longer and livelier than usual, are also aimed to promote Vinzons as a tourist attraction for domestic and international tourists.

Our town has natural wonders which may be promoted as tourist destinations, sadly however, the past administrations neglected to do so,” said Carminda Cereno, a Tourism Affairs Officer in the municipality.

Vinzons joined Upsilon in 1930 while studying law at the University of the Philippines.

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